When condo interior design in Singapore & Malaysia is done right, you can expect a successful overhaul. We hope to create a soothing, cosy home with an independent sense of style for home-owners.

When it comes to designing condominiums, interior designers are undoubtedly the right people to call. These people have the imagination, creativity, professional skills and even resources that can help condo house owners improve the appearance of their properties regardless of the size or location. The goal is simple – to provide clients with a comfortable, luxurious, and stylish space that they would want to call home.

Maximising Space: For condominium interior design, including studio apartments or so-called SOHO condos, we emphasise on space optimisation. It takes a professional hand to make use of space wisely and efficiently based on needs, tastes and constraints.

Lighting: Use of mirrors, glossy white tiles and other metallic/reflective substances create a perception of openness by reflecting light. A well-lit space always looks more spacious and welcoming. Investing in chandeliers and other fancy fixtures are also a great idea that adds to the decor while serving this purpose.

Increasing Functionality: Beds with storage, foldable tables, sofa-cum-beds and various other innovative multi-purpose furniture is the solution to condos with limited floor area. We will try to help you get the right kind of furniture at the best prices so that your home is edgy, classy and stylish.

Storage: When there is a space constraint the trick is to keep the things you use most often easily accessible and tuck away the rest. Incorporating storage spaces that complement the overall theme of the room is the best blend of form and function.

Art: What you lose due to lack of space, you can make up with art. We will help you find the right kind of art for your space that will make it come alive and complete. Be it wall paintings, terrariums, curios or other gorgeous pieces, this last touch will ensure that your home stands out like no other.

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