Creating a landed interior design for a large home is never an easy task. It requires one to think out-of-the-box to create a space that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the owner. With expertise in the field and experience in the industry, Vegas can help you envision the home of your dreams.

When it comes to landed house renovation in Singapore & Malaysia, space is not a constraint. The scope is, therefore, limitless. The primary emphasis for landed property interior design is the lifestyle of the owner. Understanding the owners’ likes, dislikes, attitudes and perceptions will help us design a space that matches their lifestyle and suits their needs.

Different spaces have different needs and functions that have to be considered before starting the design process. And when it comes to landed house interior design projects, we try to envisage a marriage between style and substance.

  1. Living Room Interior Design – If your home were a storybook, the living room would be the first The introduction to your home and a multi-purpose area which also serves as the guest room, home entertainment area and much more, it is important for your living room to carry a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere. This is what JCW Design Gallery aims to achieve through its array of interior design services.

  2. Bedroom Interior Design – This can be divided into various

    • Master Bedroom: A highly personal space to unwind after a long day, an organised bedroom needs to be both aesthetic and Storage is an integral part of the bedroom. We incorporate walk-in closets, safes and other creative storage areas for this purpose. At JCW Design Gallery, we aim to convert your bedroom into an intimate space that you will always want to come home to.

    • Kid’s Bedroom: The interior design for the kid’s bedroom vary according to the age. At JCW Design Gallery, our personal preference is for warm cosy tones that are intimate and suitable for a child’s growth. A bedroom that is child proofed/ children friendly can also eliminate the chances of accidental injury. We can also design the room in such a way that the room design can be easily altered once the kid grows up.

    • Guest Room: The priority in a guest room is the Soothing wall colours and textures, a desk, reading lamp, a television, decorative water jug and glasses, towel racks, night stands etc are simple and thoughtful ways to increase the comfort level of the room for your guests.

  3. Dining Room Interior Design – The dining area should be an inviting space for both the family and Depending on your lifestyle and shape of the room, we will help you decide what shape and size of dining table will be best suited for you. The dining area is a great place to play around with lighting and fixtures to create a cosy and pleasant vibe.

  4. Bathroom Interior Design – One of the most used areas of the house, the bathroom needs to be easy to maintain, durable, comfortable and Bathtubs, overhead rain shower heads, decorative mirrors and contemporary fixtures are ways to make your bathroom a place to relax and rejuvenate along with being elegant and luxurious.

  5. Kitchen Interior Design – The interior design of a kitchen will focus on durability, functionality and contemporary. Equipping the kitchen with advanced kitchen appliances and gadgets will make it easier to prepare and serve meals. A place which is no longer just used for cooking, kitchens today also focus on being cosy and artistic.

  6. Study Room Interior Design – A nicely designed study room will be inspiring and aesthetic without being The right kind of decor can even increase the productivity of the users.

  7. Entertainment Room – An entertainment room is a great place for conversations, family time and A place for music, movies, gaming and gatherings, the entertainment room needs to be classy and elegant with concealed wiring, comfortable seating, great storage and soundproofing.

  8. Foyer – Every design start from the Just like the cover of a book it reflects the personality of its inhabitants in one glance. It takes skill and taste to design one with panache.

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